Vei Scale

Recorded collaboration, 180g 12’’ vinyl

Vei Scale is an Athens based sonic cross-experimental project, a compositional approach to connection between electronic sound and contemporary poetry. It is the first recorded collaboration between Ioannis Gardiklis and Yoma Mot. Combining the sounds of Ioannis with the texts and vocals of Yoma they share their need for experimentation and poetic sensibility rendered on a common ground.
Ioannis Gardiklis is a sound artist, composer and electronic music producer. His compositions are based on natural, analog and digital sounds and his solely musical projects are under the name Electrohead. Yoma Mot is an interdisciplinary artist and a product designer. Text is another medium she uses to express the dialectic form of contemporary art. Lately and for soon to be 3 years she writes and publishes.
Vei Scale’s self-titled debut was out in March 2022, available on 180g 12’’ vinyl, digital and stream. This is all about this; every single track is transposing a diary piece in the room. Their first single album LET’S coming up 11FEB is an improvisational lick attempt to point out through text and groove, childhood’s transitional state to adulthood and sexualisation.