The womb

The womb
the womb is VAE s second workshop and performance act.
took held at AMOQA the 2nd of October 2016.

Feminist science fiction with its utopian/dystopian visions has been a vehicle for dealing with questions of gender inequality, sexuality, race, economics, and reproduction in a way that brings together theory and practice. The workshop focused on a few examples of how feminist science fiction has addressed the topic of reproduction. The current process of reproduction (in the sense of the biologists, not of Marx) already involves a lot of agents: from sperm-, womb-, ovum-, baby donators to medical staff, midwives and, of course, those who are considered parents. And it is highly entangled in powerful industrial, economic structures, as well as it is a subject of biopolitical concerns. Together we read excerpts of different science fiction novels (e.g. Octavia Butler’s Lilith Brood) and discussed them in the context of old feminist struggles and recent developments.

thank you.
it was a wonderful moment.

A new life form will be brought into being.
In a techno-reproductive ritual.
With the help of a cyberwich.
And her prosthetic womb.
And you of course.
We need your biomaterial for this collective effort.
Queers of the world.
Take over.
Because if you don’t.
The world will come to an end.
And we haven’t got long.