Non Space Timeline

Time based installation by Ioannis Gardiklis, curation Christina Mot

The hotel room constitutes a platform, a shared non-place for the guests as well as the visitors, equally personal to them and the audience. It is a spot within whose extensible limit anything can happen, while any past action is replaced by the next person’s action in a similarly private manner. This logical coherence corresponds to the social media feed as we know it: a means of contemporary interaction; and multimedia is a basic communication tool. In the time-based project, Nonspace Timeline, each guest’s movements can be continued, achieving the continuity of the action in terms of performance while a contemporary noir is narrated. Upon entering the venue, the audience merges with the energy of an abandoned, untidy room and can examine the installed luggage of the previous visitors both from a setting and an audio point of view, they are contributing their own ingredient to an existing composed object. The rapport between the audience and the installation results in a multi-faceted image with the effect of artistic dynamics, an image whose impact will be readily experienced in the room.

Part of Performance Rooms, Kappatos gallery, Athens 2019