Mot’s love toys

Critical design, ethnographic artistic research

Mot’s love toys is an artistic research centered on the normativity of western sexuality stereotypes. As laboring of this research, within in its boundaries there has been both a quantitative and qualitave analysis, i designed a special collection of adult toys. This collection is made with and for love. After detecting numerous fields of the sensual process all the objects are ergonomically designed and developed in order to satisfy the needs of the user as well as involving the user in the design process. Mot’s love toy’s lines are embedded with its feministic theoretical background. They structure a symbolism of a non-gender attitude that is able to be constituted as a platform for feminine expression. They intend to welcome a target of starters and people who never had the chance to find their own place in the heterogeneous aesthetics. It specifically focusses onto groups of people who used to fear the subject or discussing about sexual self-awareness and consensuality. Mot’s love toys are design objects that intergrade a sensual ritual and referring to a process able to redefine the self through a critical examination on implied social stereotypes.