Audio installation, artistic research

This project is comprised of a bed recording memories and translating body movements into audio contemporary composition. Sensors adopted to various parts of the mattress are programmed to perceive both pressure and movement pace thus producing, depending on their position, different sounds in a digital program. The result is a recording of an audio synthesis produced by the body movements of one or multiple users. A very soft sleep, the very first sex with somebody, each night in a month, a morning ‘s indolence in bed have all an equivalent audio output stored as a track, listened to at that time or secretly recorded. The project discussed aims to a novel way of recording memories seeking to alter the current architecture of recollection while putting forward the coherent codification of a script into an audio track. In what will become a new version of a photographic album, memories are stored in an audio platform that anyone can run back to in the same way. The audio synthesis has been formed with body movements almost under performance terms while using the bed and the user both involuntarily and willingly discusses a series of different experiences. Each track ‘s name presents a new form in thought categorization, as the verification of the sound presents another type of cohesive reasoning.

Royal College of Arts exhibition and workshop, 2018