Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 13.08.44Christina Mot (Athens,1991) is a multidisciplinary artist and a product designer. She is working on numerous fields of art and design. Contemporary art and labor, critical and personalized object’s design are the fields she basically focuses on. She holds a Bachelor in Industrial and Product design from Middlesex University in London. She recently created a Berlin based company and she is currently working as a freelance product designer. The boundaries of contemporary creativity consist the span within which she addresses the existence. It is of great interest to her to examine the rituals stemming from people’s intentions and their communication or interaction processes. This is her main field of observation and whatever is channeled through it is for her an subject of art, poetic and even performable. The connection between object and user can circumstantially be negotiated within intense and different dynamics when it comes to an object of art or design. The multifactoral structures of these rituals is the vessel with which her artistic activity is accomplished in the contemporary world as well as her reaction to calls for the reinvention of creative forms. Her thesis was the design of gynecological tools and she also engages in designing sex toys, curating exhibitions dealing with sexuality viewed from a scientific perspective and in making edible projects which, in performance terms, use the body as a tool of food, as a utensil, as a user and accessory. It is apparent that presently and for soon to be three years, her scope of observation with feminism and political language as a tool has been the person with sexuality, sensuality and with feminine tones. What is in reality occurring is that the self centered element expands the boundaries of her dialectics and the art she produces.


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